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Homepage of the Mighty Ericles - Eric Lee Dalton currently of Old Bridge, NJ.
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Eric Londesbrough Dalton - An excellent cricket player from South Africa scored 694 runs in his career. There's many websites with his stats. Here is just one of them.

A brief chronology of the owners of this URL:

2004-2056 Me! Eric Lee Dalton from the East Coast.
2002-2004 Andy "The Vulture" Sievright (See Below)
2000-2001 Proud papa Jim Bishop of Texas used the domain for his newborn son whose full name was Eric Dalton Bishop
1995?-2000   Some fella from the Carolinas who never actually put up a site. Wish I remembered the name.

Tale of The Vulture

Up until 2002, I could merely smile and shake my fist when someone beat me to the punch or re-registered the domain. That all changed pretty quickly. I had been using Dotster as my registrar and utilized their lookup service to determine when a domain was available. When ericdalton.com was expiring back in early 2002 I looked the URL up every few days to make sure I didn't miss out again like I had a few years earlier. Well, lo-and-behold, even though Dotster never reported the URL available, it suddenly was registered by a third party called DomainSource owned by Andrew Sievright using Dotster as his registrar. My best guess is that Dotster sold the results of my queries and Sievright bought the rights to all of the most searched for domains. By the way, he paid no more than $15 for the year's registration and that's if he didn't get a bulk discount. All of a sudden, www.ericdalton.com became a search portal with a link to domainsource.com saying that the domain was for sale. I contacted the proprietor via the form on the website and a day later got this response:

Hi Eric,
We would sell you this domain name for $445.
Let us know if you are inhterested.[sic]
Domain Source, inc.

At this point, I was pretty cheesed off. He paid $15, and then charges $445? A 2900% markup is blatantly obscene. Drug dealers have more couth. Of course, business is business, and I can't speak for his business acumen, but I can tell you that Mr. Sievright did not make any friends with the way he conducted his acquisitions. Take for example, his purchase of Toriyama.org and Sockheads.com. I'm sure there are many others that haven't been documented on the Internet. For someone who outwardly appears to be a very religious man (owner of ChristianArt.com, author of articles on Christian art history and maybe even Christian musician who was once married to Melody Green) he seems to have truly embraced greed as his new pastime. Paradoxically, he claims on DomainSource.com to give 20% of the profits to charity and, if true, I applaud that. Perhaps if I had offered to give $90 (20% of $445) directly to his favorite charity, he would have signed over the domain name. If the links above ever go broken, they can be accessed here:
Toriyama Stolen!
Sockheads for $950!

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